Q: what do you think which role of Lily Rabe in AHS was in your opinion the best one? ( btw love your blog )

I think Sister Mary Eunice was her best role, she was such a complex character, especially when you look beyond the surface of her, and Lily was just perfect as her

And thanks :)

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Q: Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem
  1. I like my hair (even though I’m cutting it all off next week :S) it’s really soft and healthy
  2. I like the fact that I’m ¬†very accepting in other people, I’m not going to not be someones friend based off of religion, gender, sexuality, race, points of view etc.¬†

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Q: what is your dream date


maybe going to a theme park or a carnival where we can just have fun all day on the rides and other attractions followed by going to the beach at night and making a fire where we just hang out, listen to music, and other various things…

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Q: Heey which is your least favourite ahs season?


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Q: What person are you mostly like in ahs?

I’m really kind of a mix between Misty, Madison and Vivien hah

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